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Happy New Year

New Year and new beginnings go hand in hand, but it is also a time for reflection. What better day to reflect on celebrations of the past than on New Year's Eve. What are your New Year's Eve traditions? Do you gather with friends and family at home? Do you ring in the New Year while wearing your dancing shoes? Or does the New Year come as you are sleeping in bed?

Whether you remember evenings at Peggy's Dance Hall or at Savannah Lodge, these pictures of celebrations in Innisfil span a century of good times, good will, and in some cases, good clothes!


Let's start off this party properly, with invitations, of course!

Script text on invitation reads the The bachelor's club of Cookstown Dance invitation to Loyal Orange Lodge 1907

The Bachelor's Club of Cookstown hosted a dance in 1920 at Cookstown Town Hall, requesting gentlemen to pay $1.50.

In Bradford in 1907 the Arawana Club hosted a dance in December at the Loyal Orange Lodge Hall. Just like today, it was common for these halls and other spaces to be used for multiple purposes.

Let's not forget to fill out our dance cards!

handwritten dance cards circa 1922 or 1924

Dance cards were historically used by a woman to mark down the names of the gentlemen she intended to dance with at a formal ball. The practice originated in the 18th century. As americanantiquarian.org reminds us, dance cards could be a beautiful souvenir to remember the evening by.

The right kind of music is the key to starting any celebration.

two gentlemen seated on stage playing violinsman plays violin while couple dances

1942 Cookstown Old Boys Club Reunion saw the musical stylings of Walter Beatty on violin.

Curly-Posen and Jubilee Nighthawks band portrait Gilheeny Women's orchestra

The 1930s saw some different entertainment in Innisfil. 

Left: Curly-Posen and his Jubilee Nighthawks played at the Minett's Point Pavillion in 1932

Right: 1931 Gilheeny All-Girl's Orchestra played at the Gilheeny Dance Hall that was once located beside the Cookstown Fairgrounds.

black and white portraitof 5 men and instruments

1866 photo of the Jack Orchestra, known as the Jack Quintette Club, Lefroy.

Now that the music is going, it's time to start the dancing!

couples dancing at hallcouple dancingcouple dancing

From left to right, dancing in 1967, 1992 and 1985. Click the picturess for more information.

2 side to side images of couples dancing on new years eve

New Year's Eve at Gilford Hall.

From Our Stories to Your Stories, we are wishing you a happy, healthy and story-filled year!

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Happy New Year!

boys seated ion chairs at dance

1953, boys off to one side at the school dance in Bradford