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Women of Innisfil A group of women standing and seated for a photo outdoors in 1934

October is Women’s History Month, and Innisfil has plenty of reasons to celebrate! Even the most cursory of glances at our collection reveals a long tradition of capable women playing important roles in how our community was shaped. Innisfil has always been a primarily agricultural community,

The Great Eastern Illustration of the Great Eastern steamship in a harbour

Tucked away on a small plaque along Big Bay Point Road is the story of how Innisfil contributed to the construction of a great ship, the largest of her time for almost fifty years.

Plaque located on Big Bay Point Road, west of the entrance to the Bee Happy Campground

It was

Back to School Image of three rows of students in front of Cookstown school

It’s almost time! Back to school is just days away, and whether you loved it or dreaded it, there’s no doubt that our early education is an important time for making memories. Sometimes we’re lucky enough to capture those memories on film!

Dorothy Pratt on her first day of school

Innisfil Old Girl Turns 100 Elderly woman in pink jacket looks at award certificate with man holding microphone
100 years old and still going strong!   Luella Donnelly Brookes turned 100 years young on August 10, 2016. Her family are long-time Innisfil residents and luckily we can trace some of her family history through pictures in the Innisfil Historical Society collection. Innisfil Historical Society
Goin' Postal Image of a crowd of people gathered in front of the Lefroy Post Office and General Store in the 19th century

What’s the last thing you mailed? Was it a bill payment? A Christmas card? Your census form? We receive things in our mailboxes almost daily, but actually sending handwritten letters for the sole purpose of “keeping in touch” seems to be a thing of the past now that we can make cheap long

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