Stories of War Time

Our friends at the Innisfil Historical Society are proud to be releasing a brand new book Innisfil Veterans: Their lives and memories. This book was created to honour and thank the Veterans of Innisfil, including those who were born here, those who worked here, and those who have moved here. After completing hundreds of interviews, project lead, Donna Wice has shared some excerpts of these amazing stories with us.

You can preorder a copy of the book today. Order forms are available at your local library branch or you can download the form here.

John Battle and his wife Joan arrived in Canada in 1952, looking for a better life. In 1975, they, along with their daughter Caroline, moved to a new home in Innisfil Heights. Currently, John and Joan live in Sandycove Acres. Here is part of John's story.

"I was born on July 20, 1928, and raised in Greater Manchester, England. I survived the constant bombings in Manchester where thousands were killed. By age 17, I knew I had to help. In 1945, I joined the Royal Navy and went into training to be a Sick Berth Attendant with the Medical Branch. After just a few months, I was assigned to Stonehouse Hospital in Plymouth. Our role was to comfort the sick and dying and prepare them for transfer to a hospital nearer home. Sadly, many of the patients died before being transferred. Attendants were assigned three-hour shifts of nightly Death Watch, as well as normal daily shifts varying from 12 to 16 hours. (No one died alone.)"