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Christmas Stories, Family Memories

 Some of my favourite family memories have involved Christmas morning. Who wouldn't be excited by the thrill of opening presents and the smell of bacon in the frying pan, as Mom and Dad prepared a Christmas morning feast? But my favourite memories involve the funny presents and gag gifts we gave each other.  I once gave my parents cans of tuna straight out of their own pantry, or when my sister bought a case of pop for my brother and wrapped every can individually. He was so frustrated until he realized it meant he actually got 24 more presents than me!

What are some of your favourite Christmas stories from your family? Do you get in the festive spirit by donning your very best Santa hat? Or does your family sing carols like these choir singers? Maybe you have some stories about strapping on a new pair of ice skates? Share your family stories, the ones that get relived and rehashed every year with us either in the comments below or drop me a line using the Contact button at the top of this page!

 self made christmas card in Innisfil             skating on Lake Simcoe        picture relating to Christmas concert at the Knock school