Sharing Our Stories: Covid-19

As we here in Innisfil and across the world are now well aware, we are facing a global pandemic in the form of Covid-19, a novel coronavirus. While the virus itself is not without some precedent, these are certainly unprecedented times and as a result we can be certain that the next steps we take, both as individuals and as a society, will become a part of history.

Any historian or archivist could tell you that this is a critical moment in time – a chance to capture the stories, the photos, and the perspectives of all of us living through this situation for the preservation and benefit of future historians and our community.  

The Innisfil ideaLAB & Library and the Our Stories Innisfil database are committed to collecting and maintaining community memory, which includes history as it happens. Therefore, we would like to invite members of the Innisfil community – whether you work here, are a resident, or spend your summers here – to participate in this initiative to gather stories and accounts unique to Innisfil. This can include:

- written journals or diaries

- video blogs

- photos and video

- short stories

- anything that you feel captures the sentiments, feelings, and perspectives of these uncertain times

This can include anything from stories about transitioning to working from home, how grocery shopping has changed, what it’s like to suddenly become a home school teacher, and everything in between. These are all important records that help to personalize such a global event and are crucial to helping future generations understand what is happening here today. And please don't forget to include your children - they often have the most unique perspectives!

If you would like to participate or have questions about how you can contribute, please e-mail or reach out via the Our Stories Innisfil Facebook or Instagram accounts. Remember: these stories are meant to reflect real people. We are not seeking professionally shot photos or videos, or flawless grammar and spelling, or for you to censor your thoughts, words, or emotions. Your honesty and your openness are the only requirements. Your privacy is also important, so please include details on how you would like to be identified when making your submissions.

Please note that all submissions will become the property of Innisfil ideaLAB & Library once uploaded to the Our Stories Innisfil website.

To view the collection of stories and records that have already been submitted, click here.

Thank you, and stay safe, stay healthy, and stay inside!

Kate Zubczyk
Special Collections Librarian
Innisfil ideaLAB & Library
James and Helen Blain, proprietors of the Gilford Store from 1885-1919, staying informed