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Animals of Innisfil

As a predominantly agricultural community, it’s no surprise that photos from Innisfil’s past are full of farm animals as well as any number of work horses. Typically, these animals appear only in the background and we don’t think much of them other than as a part of working life (unless of course they seem particularly out of place, like this cow standing inexplicably between two cabins at the Stonecroft Motor Camp!)

Nevertheless, having pets is something of a timeless tradition and several of the most interesting and most heartwarming images in our collection include these furry companions. Although cats sometimes do make an appearance, it is working dogs that feature most prominently as they were often an invaluable part of the labour force both in business and at home. Take for instance Lillian Marquis’s dog, who powered her household’s water pump, or Bernard Jobbitt cutting ice on Lake Simcoe with the help of his faithful pooch. Despite serving a practical role, many of the photos show real affection and provide the dogs with an honoured place among family and co-workers.

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Pictured in the above photo are Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Emerick.